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Live Traffic Camera

Live Traffic Camera

Dartford Bridge Live Traffic Camera

Sitting in traffic is never a pleasant experience. Our cars are becoming more intuitive year on year and can help us avoid large traffic jams, but without relevant data, they can only do so much. That's why at LMC cars, we've installed a 24-hour feed of the M25 Dartford Bridge Crossing so you're able to monitor traffic levels, on both the North and South carriageways, before your morning commute!

We've strategically placed our camera to allow you to view M25 Dartford Bridge Crossing, Dartford Tunnel traffic and any traffic joining the M25. Our camera feed runs 24/7 so you can easily estimate your journey time day or night! You could also use the camera for other purposes, such as car spotting! Be sure to keep an eye on our forecourt too for any new arrivals!

If you're looking for a used car or you want a comfier vehicle to relax in whilst enduring the M25 traffic, then take the exit before the bridge and visit LMC used cars in Grays and Essex today!

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